The inverter generator is extremely quiet and 100% efficient in powering sensitive electronic devices.

Do you need a generator that is quiet and easy to use, store and transport?
Then an inverter generator is the perfect solution.

The main advantages of inverter generators are the prevention of overheating and overloading in the network, which is why they are also an excellent solution for powering sensitive devices such as mobile phones, LED TVs, audio equipment and laptops. Because they are small, light, extremely quiet and powerful, inverter generators are perfect for your best assistant when you are on the move – when camping, in a caravan, in a motorhome (used to charge batteries or electrical devices that generally use more energy – such as air conditioners, washing machines, microwave ovens, hair dryers, etc.) or during other outdoor activities – e.g. fishing or family barbecue. Of course, they also come in very handy in the home environment, where the inverter generator represents a backup source of electricity or for charging devices during a lack of electricity in or around the home. They are also often used to supply electricity to various places near the home that are not connected to electricity, e.g. at your garden party to power lights, music players and hotplates. Inverter generator – your silent assistant for loud entertainment. If two disconnects happen – yours and the electrical one – it allows full connection for your even bigger disconnect.

SPARK inverter generator models:

SPARK Agregat 3500i

The SPARK generator 3500i, inverter, petrol, 1-phase 230V, 50Hz is powered by a 1-cylinder 4-stroke EU 5 petrol engine with low fuel consumption, high power and good exhaust values. It is ideal for all types of use, both domestic, as well as construction and industry. It has the possibility of parallel operation of two generators, which increases the supply of electricity, which then allows more than just basic necessities to be switched on and working in emergency situations.

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